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As a provider of the infrastructure for the digital age, Huawei believes that as ICT applications become easier to use, more convenient, and more affordable, they will greatly reduce global inequality, bridge the digital divide, and drive the rapid attainment of SDGs. 

Digital technologies are reshaping the world. Huawei promotes digital inclusion and aims to ensure that every person, home, and organization will benefit from digital technologies. To this end, we have created an action plan called TECH4ALL. This plan focuses on three priorities of digital inclusion: technology, applications, and skills. Our ultimate goal is to extend the benefits of digital technology to leave no one behind in the digital world.

We will work on the following three priorities: technology is the foundation, applications are the key, and skills provide assurance.

  • Technology: Huawei will continuously reduce connection costs and remove coverage barriers through technological innovation in connectivity, AI, cloud, and mobile devices.
  • Applications: Huawei will empower ecosystems and help developers create more applications for different communities and industries.
  • Skills: Huawei will work with local governments, communities, and other sectors to enhance the digital skills of all of society.

We must have a clear direction if we want to leverage what we have to create value. While determining the direction for TECH4ALL, Huawei took into consideration its available capabilities and viable directions based on the potential impact of the ICT industry and the meaning of digital inclusion. Huawei also identified four domains in which it could comprehensively promote digital inclusion.

  • Healthcare: Using digital technology to give more people easy access to better healthcare resources.
  • Education: Using technology to give the disadvantaged, such as women and teenagers, equal access to education and enrich education resources.
  • Development: Eliminating development gaps for various sectors, businesses, regions, and groups, ensuring equal access to digital resources and enabling technology to benefit everyone.
  • Environment: Using innovative technologies to help NGOs more efficiently protect and conserve ecosystems.

Learn more information for TECH4ALL, please visit: /minisite/tech4all/en/

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