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China Unicom Guangdong has built a top-quality SD-OTN (Software Defined Optical Transport Network) network covering the Greater Bay Area based on the in-depth analysis of user requirements in various industries, such as finance, cloud VR, government, healthcare, and education. This network leverages the operator's advantages in cloud-network integration, and lays a solid foundation for digital transformation of various industries around the Guangdong area.

By Luo Kai, Transmission Marketing Support Dept of Huawei

The digital economy has become the main driving for China's economic growth. According to the Digital China Construction and Development Report 2018, China's digital economy reached CNY31.3 trillion in 2018, accounting for 34.8% of China's GDP and contributing more than 67.9% to China's GDP. Guangdong is the pioneer of China's digital economy development. In recent years, China has launched the strategy for developing digital economy and created the opportunity for building the Greater Bay Area. Guangdong actively promotes the digital transformation of industry clusters to improve industrial competitiveness. This province strives to cultivate 30 pilot projects for the digital transformation of industry clusters by 2022. It also seeks an industrial Internet platform for 20 specific domains (regions) to drive the cloudification of 20,000 enterprises. Against this backdrop, the digital transformation of various vertical industries in Guangdong is in full swing.

China Unicom Guangdong's Top-Quality SD-OTN Network


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