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Fastweb's Remarkable Performance Benefits from Development of Enterprise Connectivity and Wholesale Services

Fastweb (a subsidiary of Swisscom, and Italy's second largest fixed-line operator, providing ICT integrated services) delivered a strong 2018 financial report. The company's strong performance is proven by an 8% increase in overall revenue and continued growth for 22 consecutive quarters. This growth is also attributed to the excellent performance of enterprise connectivity and wholesale services. Enterprise service revenues increased by 10%, and market share reached 31% following a 2 percentage point increase. Wholesale service revenues increased by 11% compared with 2017, accounting for 13% of Fastweb's total revenue in 2018. In the past few years, enterprise connectivity and wholesale services have been the fastest growing areas of Fastweb, accounting for over half of total revenue and becoming Fastweb's primary profit generator. 


The analysis of France-based Natixis confirmed the outstanding performance of Fastweb at the EU level. Compared with the major telecom operators in the "Big 5 countries" (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom), Fastweb is the fastest growing operator in EU and has become the industry benchmark. The good operating result also confirms the market trend research of Mediobanca R&S on Italy's telecom market: In Italy, Fastweb is the only telecom operator achieving revenue growth.


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