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The criteria redefines the key indicators for enterprise private lines in five dimensions: high availability, large bandwidth, low latency and jitter, service agility, and online self-management. These guide carriers and device vendors through providing differentiated private line products and services.

By Zhao Wenyu, Leader of the Cloud & Private Line Workgroup at NGOF

Since its establishment in December 2017, the Next Generation Optical Transport Network Forum (NGOF) has been dedicated to promoting the development of the global optical network industry by building an open, cooperative platform. Premium private lines are a key topic that the NGOF has focused on since its establishment, and a dedicated cloud and private line workgroup has been set up. Based on an adequate survey on the actual service requirements of financial companies, Internet enterprises, and scientific research institutes, the workgroup officially released the High-quality Private Line for Cloud Era Technical White Paper. They proposed a unified five-star criteria system for premium private lines to provide guidance for upstream and downstream industry partners to build premium private line networks. China's top three carriers have fully recognized the value of premium private lines, and promoted the construction of premium private line networks in each province in China, driving the growth of B2B services. Premium private lines are here. 



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